Optical illusion- experience the wonders of illusion

Have any one tried looking at an image and got confused because your mind and eyes seem to like playing tricks on you? Did you see things that others cannot see? Have you ever rubbed your eyes seeing the picture and looked it again? If you have ever encountered with any of these situations then you have experienced the wonder of optical illusions. The word optical mean something which is related to sight while illusion is a deceptive appearance or wrong image. In simple words, we can say that optical illusion is those images that we recognize and see it differently from what they are.

There are various types of optical illusion made which creates different images. So here are the two types of optical illusion mentioned.

Literal optical illusion
The literal optical illusion is usually created when we put two different images to make a focal point or main image. If you see an individual image, you might see the image clearly but if you try to see two images as one it might look different. This is what literal optical illusion is. You can easily say that an image is an optical illusion when you see it and your brains tell different from the objects that it shown in the picture. You can see such illusion in your daily life also such as images formed by clouds or from various items within the surrounding.
Physiological illusion
This kind of illusion is the effect of excessive stimulation like color, brightness, tilt or particular movement. These illusions make you see those things which are not there in the place. Physiological illusion can also be the result of plenty of copies of the specific image that is creating a pattern. The repetitive simulation makes a physiological imbalance which easily alters your mind and offers you an optical illusion.
The above details can easily help you know about optical illusion.

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