Points grabbing businesses to switch to digital signatures from handwritten signatures

Are you still signing on the papers and would you like to switch to digital signatures? Then, do it immediately. This is the best way to secure your confidential information that is sent through digital medium. Earlier, people used to send the documents through couriers or mails, but there are high chances of the documents getting prone to tampering. To avoid tampering and ensure high security of the documents, you should send digitally signed documents through emails. There are many digital signature (assinatura digital) software’s available in the market. You can pick the best software to convert your hand signature into electronic format. The electronic signature will reduce the laborious process of obtaining signatures from the clients and customers and speed up the contract signing process.

In fact, today many people are storing the agreements and contract papers in the digital format. Here are a few points that are pulling people to switch towards freedigital signature.
Legal: The efficiently managed electronic signed documents are given equal priority to that of the ink signatures in many countries.
Safe and secure: The digitally signed documents are more secured and safe over the paper signed documents. These documents can be protected without tampering. This is not really possible with paper where the signature can be easily modified. Undoubtedly, many frauds and forgeries takes place on the paper based documents over the electronic ones. The best part is that, the electronically signed documents are encrypted while sending to the recipients to assure high safety and security.
Work best for businesses: Basically, the e-signatures are integrated to various platforms that you are already using. Few of them include Drop box, Sales force, Word, Google Docs, etc. So, when you are planning to subscribe for e-signature services, you would need to check with which platforms and products the e-signature is compatible to use. It is crucial for every business to use e-signature in their business transactions rather than sending the documents through the traditional methods, i.e. through couriers or mails.

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