Various types of Halo hair extensions available

Hair extensions are these days the most luxurious services provided by salons. These make your hair look long in length and fuller. These are best options if you want to damage your hair with dying or chemical use. But there are some many brands to choose from. But if is considering one then go for halo hair extensions. These are the best for a damage-free hair. It is the latest brand that has best quality products for different hairstyles.


Types of halo hair extensions:
• Hot fusion: In this U-tip bond along with silicon are attached to your natural hair with the help of a heating element. Your hair is placed between the U- tip and the heating element. This melts and bonds with your hair. This is some space left for your hair movement. Its cost depends on the how many strands are attached.
• Tape extension: This is the newest type of halo hair extensions. They are attached using a single-sided polyurethane tape. This is the fastest type to attach. It may take only 20-30 minutes. No heat is requiring for its application. It can last up to 6-8 weeks.
• Cold fusion: In this small type sections of the hair are pulled up and locked in a special tool. Some companies use copper cylinders with silicon to save your natural hair from damage. You can move them more naturally. It is advised not to use oil on the silicon.
• Sew in: It is an ideal halo hair extension for thick and curly hair. The extensions are sewn using a needle and thread. Not heating element or glue is used. Hence the damage to natural hair is very lesser.
Above were some of the best-known halo hair extensions. You can choose the one as per your natural hairstyle. One can get advice from a well-experienced salon.