What is NBA 2K18 VC Glitch?

nba 2k18 vc glitch is an upcoming basketball video game; the game is based on the sports basketball; it is made to simulate the experience of National basketball association. NBA 2k games have taken up the gaming world like a storm, this gaming franchise has ruled as the king of basketball simulation video games which has amazing visuals, speedy and smooth game play and technical capabilities. NBA 2k announces its 2k18 release on 19 September, claiming to be the legend in gaming fields with NBA locker codes.

What is NBA 2k18 VC glitch?
According to the 2k sport, VC means virtual currency, which can be earned by a player by playing various games in nba2k18. VC gets automatically credited to your NBA 2k18 account. You can get NBA 2k18 VCglitch by playing the game on online mode career. You just need to make sure that your internet is in working mode, as in this mode you can collect the points even if you are signing the endorsement deal. By this way, you are eligible to take part in the play games, attend practices, meetings, and gain extra VC.

How can you earn Virtual currency using NBA 2k18 VC glitch?
If you want to earn extra VC, you can install the MY NBA 2K18 app on your mobile and then complete the further tasks. You can get the NBA 2k18 app easily from your android app store after you install the app in your device the app will sync your data with it, the moment your data is sync with your device. It will give the list of challenges in front of you, which in return will give you virtual currency in every win.
You can gain more VC in NBA 2k18 VC glitch by playing higher game levels, and ending the game as fast as possible by setting the difficultly level in the hall of fame for other players.