Secret Micro Audio Recorder Looks Exactly like A Normal USB Drive

From the realm of James Bond-style spy equipment, among the most well-known devices is that the “audio bug.” What’s a sound bug? It is a bit portable device that displays audio that lets Mr. 007 the capability to secretly capture music in a device that nobody can either view or suspect is actually a spy recorder. Unless you’ve got a direct line to Mr. Bond’s spy equipment shop, you may wonder where you’re able to get this kind of device.

Fortunately for you (and most of the rest of us spy-want to-be’s) there’s a device in the market which even James Bond will be pleased to have as part of the arsenal. This micro sound recorder appears the same as a normal USB flash drive, but is really a mini voice recorder!
Researchers and Law Enforcement – Collect the proof you will need for your analyses or instances by simply recording sound. Catch criminals speaking in their next heist, or perhaps catch them in the act. They’d never assume they’re secretly being listed!
Use as a normal Flash Drive Too – This mini sound recording device not just resembles a normal USB flash drive, but acts like one too! Store all of your files onto the USB device, and move them wherever you require it.
Overview: The Micro Audio Recorder and USB Drive is the best instrument to covertly capture music wherever you require it – lectures, meetings, or even your home. The one-button performance makes it effortless to use even for the most novice user. Listening to the files is as simple as plugging the device back into your PC, and you may also transfer normal files on the driveway also. Just like any piece of spy equipment, you ought to be certain that you only use it for lawful purposes, rather than to actually spy on somebody with their consent.

Insurance Cover using Car Mileage Tracker

People insure their properties in case of damage from accident, carelessness and any other form. In doing this, they go to insurance companies, fill various forms to reveal their personal details and all. In case of ensuring a motor car, they register the type of car, registration number of the car, place of residence of the car, among others. In some countries like South Africa, there is pay as you drive motor insurance. Although they are relatively new but really, it is on the high increase in the country. In this type of insurance, you are not expected to pay a constant huge sum of money monthly, but rather you pay an amount based on the Miles or distance you drive per month.

The insurance company determines your risk profile based on your gender, age, driving history, type of car etc. so the amount you will pay per kilometer or distance will be based on these risk factors. Sometimes these insurance companies give a certain amount of kilometers free each month and will start charging you only when you have exceeded that set kilometer distance. People wonder how the company knows how far they travel each month. These companies use an effective Mileage Tracker that is a mileage tracking system that tracks how many kilometers are travelled each month, which also doubles up as security most times.
Usually, these companies install a Free Mileage Tracker in the vehicle or they just include the fee of the tracking system somehow in the supposed amount the client pays when he or she signs up for the driving policy or insurance. As a result of the tracking system, the premiums of the insurance companies may be cheaper since they know that the tracking system will always find the car in case it is stolen.